ActionTrack has now been used for one year in schools of Helsinki to combine fun, physical exercise and mobile learning.

During the fall semester Helsinki Media Center organized a mobile game competition, where the pupils and teachers together used TAZ ActionTrack platform to design the best educational outdoor game.

The final of the competiton was held on 28 January in Helsinki and was webcasted live. The prize money of 4000€ was divided to 9 winners who were selected by the audience of 370 people, including Jukka Tulivuori, Counselor of Education at Finnish National Board of Education.

Total of 17 games from lower and upper primary schools were qualified to the finals. The teams had produced exceptionally innovative and entertaining games, ranging from city orienteerings to space adventures.

The winner team, Elli Paarlahti and Sofia Seppänen, representing Arabia primary school, had created an interactive story called ”Murder in Lammassaari”, where users need to solve a crime based on various clues.

TAZ team congratulates the winners and all participants!

Link to the final results (in Finnish)

See the full broadcast of the final (in Finnish) (jump to 20 minute mark to see the webcast)

Finalists of the game competition
1. Crime Mystery at the Museum Find out who stole Cleopatra’s precious pearl jewels from the museum Metsola lower primary school
2. Myllypuro Forest Beach Get to know the Finnish forest animals while orienteering Myllypuro lower primary school
3. Island Adventure Look for a treasure while answering to questions Puistolanraitti lower primary school
4. Flica and Neymar Help Flica (the horse) and Neymar (the soccer player) to find their lost friends Puistolanraitti lower primary school
5. Breaking the Spell Save Mary’s and her parents’ kingdom Puistolanraitti lower primary school
6. Saving Time Look for different places using technology Puistolanraitti lower primary school
7. Mylpa Christmas Track Complete missions to become a Christmas elf Myllypuro lower primary school
8. External Threat Find the antidote and save the mankind from destruction Puistolanraitti lower primary school
9. Missing Tuomas Find a boy that has disappeared from the kindergarten Puistolanraitti lower primary school
10. Malmi History Pocket Edition 1 Help a professor suffering from memory loss by performing task related to the history of Malmi Ylä-Malmi primary school
11. Space Adventure: Verbonite Collectors Collect verbonite mineral and try to travel back to earth Herttoniemenranta lower primary school
12. Sharing the Heritage Find out the origin of heritage money and crack a code to get your part of the money Arabia primary school
13. Murder at Lammassaari Find out who murdered the bride in 1983 Arabia primary school
14. Element Hunt Play the role of a detective and find out who killed the queen of France Itäkeskus primary school
15. Solar System’s Darkest Moment Prevent a solar flare by performing math related tasks Pitäjänmäki primary school
16. The Missing Ring Find out why the aliens stole a lady’s ring while performing animal tasks Pitäjänmäki primary school
17. Sightseeing Game Get to know the sights of Helsinki Pitäjänmäki primary school