Low threshold ActionTrack games attract widely

TAZ has recently enabled completely new ways of utilizing ActionTrack service, allowing our customers to organize self-run games without an annual license. Our customers can simply purchase a set of start codes to host games. First, our customers are able to use selected ready-made games from TAZ portfolio, place them anywhere in the world, launch [...]

TAZ and SRO to publish a nationwide learning game service

TAZ and Suomen ruotsinopettajat Ry (SRO) are expanding their collaboration. SRO has worked with TAZ during the last two years by running ActionTrack pilots for Swedish language teaching. Satu Pessi, Chairman of the Board, SRO: "In the pilots, teachers considered learning games to bring added value by inspiring and motivating all students. Teachers wanted more [...]

TAZ family grows to Romania and Czech

18.4.2018 TAZ team is happy to announce two new partnerships. Top teambuilding was established in 2004, Romania, and the company nowadays creates programs designed to meet the requirements of any client. Top teambuilding offers both outdoor adventure programs and creative indoor activities designed to improve teamwork and facilitate peer-to-peer communication. TAZ ActionTrack platform offers a powerful [...]

TAZ has signed new ActionTrack license agreements in Germany, Hungary and Latvia

16.3.2018 nevo, a company located in Göttingen, Germany, made an extensive market study and selected TAZ ActionTrack as the winning platform to lauch location-based activities with. nevo prefers to do outdoor training on the move in the extraordinary natural settings. Thus, ActionTrack is perfect tool for nevo, allowing a cool mix of digital and real [...]

TAZ and the town of Ylöjärvi into co-operation

13.3.2018 After a successful pilot in the schools, the town of Ylöjärvi decided to widen the use of ActionTrack to sports, culture and youth services. With ActionTrack the town can offer a wide range of activities for its inhabitants. The town of Ylöjärvi is located on the western side of the beautiful lake Näsijärvi, about 15 [...]

TAZ conquers Belgium :)

8.3.2018 TAZ has made ActionTrack license agreements with two Belgian companies. Movemint stenghtens its product protfolio with TAZ ActionTrack platform, offering unseen flexibility and collaboration between participants among other things. Movemint has a versatile product portfolio and a great customer base. Eureka Events specializes in the organization and the management of all kinds of events, [...]

TAZ and Yrityskylä yhteistyöhön

Yrityskylä ja Team Action Zone yhdessä uskovat aktiivisen toiminnan ja pelillistämisen tekevän oppimisesta ja asioiden kokemisesta mielekästä. Tamperelaisen Team Action Zonen kehittämä ActionTrack-sovellusalusta liikuttaa ja koukuttaa jo yli 50 maassa. ActionTrack on täysin uudenlainen paikkatietoja hyödyntävä palvelu, joka tuo digitaalisen kokemuksen mihin tahansa fyysiseen tilaan.   Team Action Zone tuo yhdessä Yrityskylän kanssa pelisovelluksen ensimmäistä kertaa käyttöön partioleiri Säihkeellä, jossa partiolaiset pääsevät liikkumaan, etsimään, ratkomaan ja oppimaan uutta. Kuudes- ja yhdeksäsluokkalaisille [...]

FlexEvent/Denmark joins the TAZ family

20.6.2017 TAZ is proud to present its latest partner, FlexEvent, an event organizer company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was established in 2005 and it has become a trusted event organizer by several leading Danish and international corporations. Earlier this month, TAZ and FlexEvent signed an agreement allowing FlexEvent to use TAZ ActionTrack platform [...]

New partners in Poland

TAZ is actively searching for sales and content partners around the world. Today we are proud to announce two new startup partners in Poland. A travel startup, Quest Trip, uses TAZ technologies to offer state-of-the-art GPS enabled travel service that allows gamified experiences with real time interactivity anywhere in the world. Quest Trip's partner, Sirius [...]

New Partner – The Finnish Diverse Learners’ Association

TAZ is proud to announce its new education partner and licensee: The Finnish Diverse Learners’ Association (Erilaisten oppijoiden liitto ry), founded in 1994. The Finnish Diverse Learners’ Association is a national dyslexia organisation in Finland with member organisations in different parts of the country. Activities of the Association include sharing information, counselling, guidance, training, events, [...]