TAZ and Suomen ruotsinopettajat Ry (SRO) are expanding their collaboration.

SRO has worked with TAZ during the last two years by running ActionTrack pilots for Swedish language teaching.

Satu Pessi, Chairman of the Board, SRO: “In the pilots, teachers considered learning games to bring added value by inspiring and motivating all students. Teachers wanted more games, to be played both indoors and outdoors. Due to the positive results, SRO and TAZ are launching a nationwide learning game service, allowing SRO member teachers to organize self-run learning games for their students.

In the collaboration, SRO has prepared an extensive learning content database consisting of task folders, and TAZ has prepared a game library utilizing the folders.

For each gaming session, a teacher may freely choose a game and a task folder to be used. This way teachers can offer different games supporting the teaching throughout the year.

TAZ and SRO are looking forward to see students having fun and acquiring even better Swedish skills all around Finland!