nevo, a company located in Göttingen, Germany, made an extensive market study and selected TAZ ActionTrack as the winning platform to lauch location-based activities with. nevo prefers to do outdoor training on the move in the extraordinary natural settings. Thus, ActionTrack is perfect tool for nevo, allowing a cool mix of digital and real worlds in different types of events.

Saliedet.lv (Baltic outdoor agency), Located in Silva, Latvia, has helped people and organisations discover and apply their potential by passing on the knowledge gained through the Latvian National Armed Forces School, by educating children and adults, and by providing consulting services to organisations in Latvia and Europe. Saliedet.lv will use ActionTrack broadly in very different types of events.

QS 2000 / MAPPOUT wants to change the recreational usage of mobile phones in Hungary. People need to know there is a huge potential in their hands, and they can always make them freetime to a gamified event! TAZ ActionTrack platform made the DOOR for us to get everybody OUT! It is not just perfect for team builidng events but it is gamified enough to make every walk and every free time second unforgettable. We are happy to use ActionTrack on wide variety of events!

Our team warmly welcomes nevo, Saliedet.lv and QS 2000 to our growing TAZ family!