TAZ enters Germany

TAZ gets yet another country into its world map: Germany. Team building and events company Spielgestalter starts using high-tech Go Team platform, based on TAZ technology. Spielgestalter has already earlier organized outdoor events using GPS technology, but now TAZ high-tech product allows Spielgestalter to go far beyond their existing capabilities. Spielgestalter is a member of [...]

TAMK extends the use of ActionTrack

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and TAZ signed an agreement of extending the use of ActionTrack in the university after the pilot period. In addition, TAMK and TAZ agreed mutual goals for international sales and development of ActionTrack platform and concepts. TAZ look forward to continue successful co-operation with TAMK! Some TAMK blog posts [...]

Camping powered by ActionTrack

Based on the agreement signed in December, Montta Active Camping is now able to use the full power of TAZ ActionTrack platform in entertaining their guests. Montta will utilize ActionTrack for example to create guided paths with various challenges on the way. For Montta, ActionTrack is also a great tool in offering inspiring team challenges for [...]

Kangasala taking ActionTrack for education

Kangasala, a lively municipality of 30,000 inhabitants located less than 20 km from Tampere, takes TAZ ActionTrack service into use in three selected schools. Kangasala will make a muncipality-wide decision later in 2016 based on the experiences. The first school having ActionTrack service, Raikun koulu”, has already planned a mobile learning package that will be presented [...]

TAZ technologies enter Colombia

Kadoma outdoors, a Colombian company having its headquarters in Bogota, recently joined the world’s largest network of teambuilding organizers, Catalyst Global. This membership allows Kadoma outdoors to start also using Go Team “outdoor adventure” service based on TAZ technologies. Kadoma creates themed events and celebrations – “fun learning spaces” – including experiential education of family [...]

ActionTrack used more and more for social responsibility

We are proud to present the newest TAZ family member: Youth Department of City of Helsinki. They produce a variety of cultural and recreational services, promote young people's public participation and provide young people with support and advice. With ActionTrack they can offer even more appealing events and services in their over 60 youth centers [...]

YksKaksKolme to create books powered by ActionTrack

TAZ is proud to present its newest partner, YksKaksKolme, a Finnish education company aiming to increase children's physical activities and motivate them towards healthier way of living. The company's physical exercise books feature QR codes that start interactive multimedia on a mobile phone attracting children to perform various exercises. The first book, available in the [...]

Israel enters TAZ worldmap

TAZ team warmly welcomes our latest family member, Challenge, which is a premier Event Planning & Production company located in Israel. Challenge's professional and devoted staff are experts at creating fun and extraordinary events through innovation, creativity and great service while laughing and having fun all the way! Go Team treasure hunt platform - powered [...]

Catalyst Mexico to use TAZ technologies

The world's largest network of team building companies, Catalyst Team Building Network, continues the highly successful introduction of TAZ technologies around the world. For two years in a row, ”Go Team” based on TAZ technologies has been globally the biggest selling single product in the Catalyst portfolio. The latest Catalyst member to start using Go [...]

Towards physically active workhabits with ActionTrack

A new agreement signed between TAZ and Tampere University of Technology (TUT) allows our local university to utilize ActionTrack platform in selected research projects. Researcher Aino Ahtinen, TUT, says: ”We are working on exploring, designing, implementing, evaluating and piloting physically active work habits for our university campus – to be used by every one in our [...]