TAZ is proud to announce its new education partner and licensee: The Finnish Diverse Learners’ Association (Erilaisten oppijoiden liitto ry), founded in 1994.

The Finnish Diverse Learners’ Association is a national dyslexia organisation in Finland with member organisations in different parts of the country.

Activities of the Association include sharing information, counselling, guidance, training, events, peer support, publishing books, journals and newspapers as well as international cooperation.

TAZ ActionTrack gives the Association a powerful engagement tool for their diverse activities, especially for their Centre for assistive technology and tools. The Centre offers solutions and tools for learning in case of learning difficulties. Learn more about the Centre: www.lukiapuvaline.fi

TAZ team warmly welcomes the Finnish Diverse Learners’ Association to our growing family.

Learn more about our new partner here: Erilaisten oppijoiden liitto