TAZ is actively searching for sales and content partners around the world. Today we are proud to announce two new startup partners in Poland.

A travel startup, Quest Trip, uses TAZ technologies to offer state-of-the-art GPS enabled travel service that allows gamified experiences with real time interactivity anywhere in the world.

Quest Trip’s partner, Sirius Game Studio, develops Quest Trip games and trips that can be used by travel companies, airlines, active lifestyle brands, sports companies, clothing companies, car makers and anyone else excited by travel.

Quest Trip and Sirius Game Studio are for example selling the service and content, e.g. gamified biking trips, to municipalities all around Poland.

Quest Trip team has also a strong international K12 education business background. Thus, they have become TAZ sales partners also in that segment, in which collaboration they already contributed to a successful start of TAZ and Agemsoft partnership in Slovakia earlier this year.

Read more about Quest Trip here: http://questtrip.com/

Read more about Sirius Game Studio here: http://siriusgamestudio.com/

TAZ wishes our new partners great experiences and success with our technologies in 2017 and years to come.